Cancer Awareness Village

In line with World Cancer Day and endorsing its role in spreading awareness, our association organize the Cancer Awareness Village.

In partnership with the Ministry of Public Health, this unique exhibition aim not only at spreading awareness but also at preventing and detecting various cancer types.

Hospitals, Universities and  NGOs participate. While the medical staff support the visitors with valuable tips on cancer prevention, the students enroll in different faculties decorated their booths with informative posters and answered all cancer –related questions.

In addition to that, lectures and conferences are given by professional oncologists. Students from all over the Lebanese territory attend these conferences during which valuable testimonials by cancer fighters are given.  

On the other hand, while some exhibitors are selling healthy products and services, free haircuts are offered to ladies who want to donate their hair to cancer fighters.

This one of a kind event in the Middle East proves that our association is dedicated in eliminating cancer as a major health problem by saving lives, diminishing suffering and preventing cancer through education, advocacy and service.

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