Main Achievements

Financial Support for Cancer Patients:

- So far we helped more than 228 cancer patients to continue their treatment with dignity, with an amount of 306,000,000USD

- We have collected medicines from patients or their families and provided it to patients in need. The average total amount is about 700,000 USD in 4 years.



Moral Support for Cancer Patients:

- We assisted 20 lonely patients in their homes during their treatment.

- We did several complementary therapies for patients and their families such as music and art therapy, to reduce stress.

- We organized several events to the cancer patients and their families, on different occasions, like Mother’s day, Father’s day, Christmas…etc.








- We help cancer patients to get best prices in laboratories, and get their expensive medicines from pharmacies.

- We guide patients in their long journey.

2019-10 Cancer Martyrs



- We organized more than 441 cancer awareness public lectures and conferences, in collaboration with Oncologists, to provide the community with the necessary information regarding the importance of early detection and screening all over the Lebanese territory.

-We organized, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Public Health, the Cancer Awareness Village, we gathered Hospitals, Universities and NGOs to share knowledge, experience and to provide all the visitors with the required information. We also had public lectures presented by Doctors and testimonials from cancer fighters and survivors.