Cancer is the second-leading cause of Death across the World and exerts the highest social and economic burden of all causes of morbidity through cost of diagnosis and treatment. Lebanon has a very high cancer rate and people are dying because of ignorance. Cancer is still a taboo in Lebanon, and people are not open to it, that’s why we see lots of people diagnosed at a late stage and dying, by the time they were able to get precautions and save their lives.

Awareness is the key to reduce the mortality and morbidity rate in Lebanon by:

  • Increasing the level of people’s knowledge
  • Prevention and early diagnosis
  • Choosing the appropriate lifestyle in order to live healthier and longer

So far, we organized more than 441 awareness campaigns and lectures, in collaboration with Oncologists, to provide the community with the necessary information regarding the importance of early detection and screening all over the Lebanese territory.

We arranged two Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns where we provided free Mammography and Echography to 790 underprivileged women.

We oragnized in collaboration with the Ministry of Pubic Health the Cancer Awareness Village, where we gathered Hospitals, NGOs and Univirsities to share knoweldge and experience. In addition to that, to provide the audience with the required information. Also, we had lectures given by Doctors and Cancer survivors and fighters.