Who we are

Barbara Nassar Association is a non-governmental and non-profit organization registered with the Lebanese Ministry of Interior on February 2014 under the registration number of 237/239.

We support adult cancer patients financially and morally to continue their treatment with dignity without discrimination all over the Lebanese territory.


  • Support cancer patients and their families financially and morally
  • Raise awareness to provide the community with the necessary information regarding the importance of early detection and screening all over the Lebanese territory
  • Guide patients in their long journey
  • Advocate cancer patient’s towards 3rd party payers 


Vision: Every cancer patient has to get his treatment with dignity.



The Board of Trustees is composed of:

Princess Hayat Arslan,             Dr.Fadi Nasr (Hematologist-Oncologist)          

Dr.Talal Al-Makdessi       


The administrative committee members are: (2018-2020)

Hani Nassar,                President

Yolla El-Hajj,              Vice President

Maguie El Helou,        Secretary

Moni Fardous,             Treasurer

Ghazalie Bedian Accountant

Racha Abi Jomaa        Member

Nour Rahhal               Member

Barbara Nassar Association is a member at:

  •  Fight Cancer Global
  • Arab League for Cancer Society
  • Lebanese Cancer Cooperation

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